Friday, February 5, 2010

Begining Algebra & Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

Here is a Order of Operations question that is using the strategy PEMDAS. It is a way to remember the order. I use the sentence Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.
1st: do all operations in the Parenthesis
2nd: Solve all Exponents
3rd: Solve all Multiplications
4th: Solve all Division
5th: Solve all Addition
6th: Solve all Subtraction

(-4)(8-10)= ?
(-6-12)÷3 to the power of 2= ?

-4 times 8=____ next
take that answer and minus -4 times 10
This will give you the first answer...

first subtract -6 minus 12 ( Think of this like money... if you already owe $6 and borrow another $12 then how much are you negative now?)Next take that answer and divide it by 3.
( remember a negative and a positive make a negative)
Next take that answer and when you make it to the power of two you just multiply oit by itself.
(Ex..3 to the power of 2 would be 9.)

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