Friday, February 5, 2010

About Private Tutoring Math...

My name is Diana and I am currently a certified Florida teacher. I own my own tutoring company and come across many students with math homework questions with nowhere to turn for help. I am creating this blog to provide math homework help and new and up to date useful learning strategies and information to help students achieve correct math answers with up to date information on the latest math help manipulative's, new online teaching and learning strategies and information on teaching skills for both teachers and students. I will be covering all topics in math including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Pre Calculus. Also, I will cover all the math equations and simple word problems with addition, multiplication, division,and subtraction. I am trying to reach all ages with math homework help. I have strategies and manipulative suggestions that will help you take math homework questions and soar into new heights with a brightened understanding.

Here are some great online tutoring sites to help you further with your math problems.

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  1. Diana is an excellent Tutor. She was a tremendous help to my Daughter with Math.